[Geany-Users] cannot run multiple execute commands

Jan Alster alster at xxxxx
Sun Jun 7 17:02:18 UTC 2020


good point. Unfortunately the old system is gone and I do not remember what 
was the version of Geany. I have another installation of Geany on windows 
(installed about the same time as my old linux system) and that is version 
1.26 (from 2015?) and it does behave as I have described - I can spawn 
multiple python scripts without destroying the previous ones. It uses 
default 'python "%f"' command for F5 which does not seem as doing any tricks
to detach the spawned process. The new version of Geany is 1.33.

I have tried to install old version of Geany (1.24) on my new linux system 
to test it and it does kill spawned processes as well. On the other hand, 
new version of Geany on windows does not kill them. I am baffled. Probably I
need to look outside of Geany. 

Anyway it seems I will no get quick answers here :) 



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Předmět: Re: [Geany-Users] cannot run multiple execute commands 
"When asking questions its important to give versions, nobody knows 
what your old version was or what the new one is. 

Geany has never been able to have more than one execute command at a 
time, but maybe you had modified the actual command Geany ran to 
detach the job and so return complete to Geany immediately. 


On Thu, 21 May 2020 at 22:12, Jan Alster <alster at post.cz> wrote: 
> Hi, 
> I would like to ask for help with following issue. I have recently 
switched to new Debian system and now I cannot run multiple python scripts 
from Geany (via F5) at the same time. On my previous system I could run many
and the spawned terminals were open as long as the scripts were running 
(pressing F5 the second time seemingly detached the terminal from Geany and 
third press of F5 could start a new script in a new terminal). Now the 
spawned terminal closes immediately after pressing F5 second time (and it 
kills python even if it is not finished). strace shows that the terminal 
gets SIGTERM from Geany. Is that a new feature? I cannot find a way how to 
keep the terminal running. 
> Thanks, 
> Jan 
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