[Geany-Users] select instead of dclick

Georg Klingenberg georg.klingenberg at xxxxx
Mon Jan 27 17:33:28 UTC 2020

well, I'm doing wx and there is no problem for the user to choose between
those two methods (same coding, the control handles it) and on Windows
I even get the left_mouse_click and can fetch the selected index (I do GIMP
only for pictures and there I'm really pleased with it)

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On Mon, 27 Jan 2020 at 08:03, Georg Klingenberg
<georg.klingenberg at travedsl.de> wrote:
> when I get a choice at edit I have to double click to select and I can’t
> find any customizing to simplify that: usually, when I do a click I know
> what I’m doing..

If you mean when the autocomplete popup is shown, no there is no way
of changing mouse selection for that, its defined in the GTK tool kit
which makes the distinction between highlighting (single click) and
selecting (double click) but highlighting is also possible with the
keyboard using the up/down arrow keys and select is possible using the
return to select the highlighting.

No mouse operation is useful in the autocomplete popup as it saves
moving the hands from the typing position to the mouse so its not
something we would want to lose.

AFAIK GTK does not distinguish between highlighting using arrows and
highlighting using the mouse so there is no way Geany (well actually
Scintilla) can separate the operations.


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