[Geany-Users] problems with markdown preview

Mirko Perillo mirko.perillo at xxxxx
Sat Jan 4 12:42:08 UTC 2020


> I installed the markdown plugin but the preview doesn't work.

> Works for me, you _did_ enable it in plugin manager didn't you?


> >
> > I tried to create a new file and set the file type as markdown from
> Document menu.I tried to save a file with .md extension, but in either
> cases I the preview doesn't show anything.
> Works for me, everytime I change something in the source the preview
> follows.  Does the filetype in the status bar show markdown?
Yes, filetype: Markdown and I see the text highlighted correctly.

> >
> > I tried to click right mouse button on the preview panel and click
> refresh and  I obtained this error message:
> > Error opening file /home/mirko/index.html: No such file or directory
> Correct, IIUC webkit is fed the data directly by the plugin, not by
> saving a file, but having pretensions of being a browser webkit likely
> still has a "home" location like most browsers do, and it tries to
> reload that.  If webkit allows that menu to be customised then if
> someone wants to send a pull request to remove the useless menu entry
> I'm sure it would be welcome.
I haven't the competence to fix it, I can open a documented issue on Github
about it

I tried to execute geany from command line to see if some log is produced,
but any particular error isn't produced
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