[Geany-Users] filetype for vuejs files?

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Sat Feb 15 10:06:09 UTC 2020


Le 15/02/2020 à 04:54, Bret Watson a écrit :
> new here..

Welcome !

> puzzling how to do a filetype description for *.vue files?
> They can be basically a combination of html, javascript and scss..

Doesn't the HTML file mostly work OK?

There is currently no way to declare a custom mixed set of languages
like that, support for it has to be added in the C++ highlighter, and
possibly the C symbols extractor.  The HTML ones already partly do this
(highlighting should support HTML with embedded JavaScript and CSS at
least), and the symbols extractor is on its way of being improved in
that regard (but contributor time being scarce sometimes it's a little
lagging behind).


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