[Geany-Users] Linux middle mouse copy and paste

Geoff Kaniuk geoff at xxxxx
Fri Apr 17 17:32:39 UTC 2020

This was an eye opener as I had never guessed to try this in the GUI! It 
works in Geany 1.29 (with Debian 9 + Mate desktop 1.16.2)

Left mouse double click on text.
Token gets selected.
Move the cursor to search box in the menu bar.
Now middle click the mouse.

The text is appended to whatever is there.

Perhaps it would be more useful if the text was overwritten?


On 17/04/2020 17:57, Mike Miller wrote:
> On 2020-04-17 02:03, Gösta Ljungdahl wrote:
>> "Select with double left click first, then middle click where you want
>> to paste, thats how X11 copy has always worked."
>> Yes, it works!! It's my moving the cursor to the paste point that 
>> destroys the copy. Just hovering with the mouse at the desired point 
>> and then middle click is all that it takes. I have been living under 
>> the misconception that paste is always done where the cursor is and 
>> this is true for a terminal session but not for X11 and Geany in 
>> particular as I just learned. Thanks guys for educating me! 😊
> Yep, traditionally when you middle-click in X (by default) it pastes 
> whatever is currently selected.  The selection itself is the "storage" 
> of the buffer. That's how I think of it anyway.  If you move the cursor, 
> the selection is lost and therefore later another paste yields nothing.
> There are some "modern" apps that do more, for example browsers copy the 
> clipboard contents into the middle-click buffer as well.  I believe 
> their rationale is that it is user-friendly.  But, having a select few 
> apps behave differently is confusing as well.
> -Mike
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