[Geany-Users] Can't import local module. Solved perhaps

Paul Marlin wurfsendungen at xxxxx
Sat Dec 14 19:40:44 UTC 2019

On 12/13/19 3:02 PM, Matthew Brush wrote:
> I'm not sure exactly what you're going for, but often you will have 
> your main script in the top level, and then put common/library code in 
> a package directory, with an (often empty) `__init__.py` file. 
> Something like this:
>   - py
>     - main.py
>     - common
>       - __init__.py
>       - fun.py
> If you lay it out like this, it "Just Works" out of the box with 
> Geany's execute command for `main.py`, without messing with any path 
> variables or anything.
> If you want to leave it where `main.py` is in a directory that is a 
> sibling of your common/library package, you will probably have to mess 
> with paths and/or use some kind of relative imports.
> I don't think your problem is with Geany as much as with trying to 
> understand Python's quite complicated import 
> mechanisms/rules/conventions.
> Hope that helps.
> Regards,
> Matthew Brush 


What I'm looking for is a way to structure multiple python applications 
that all make use of user defined functions (VFP jargon perhaps) stored 
in a python script (this is how I did it with multiple PHP apps).

I followed your suggestion and took the liberty of adding a second 
script, main1.py. *Both worked* even without __init__.py. *

- py
     - main.py

     - main1.py

    - common
       - fun.py

But my problem is that main.py and main1.py really represent separate 
applications each with multiple files.  The only way I know of 
organizing apps is to  place their files in their own directory.  So I 

- py

     - app1

         - main1.py

     - app2

         - main2.py

     - common
         - fun.py

Even though this seems to be the same structure as I started with, both 
main1.py and main2.py worked.  So it appears Geany is now accepting 
/home/paul/py as being in the PYTHONPATH.  Since common is downstream of 
that, it works.

Thank you.

PS: I'm sure this belongs in a separate thread; but I got cocky and 
tried an alarm clock program that I had written involving a tkinter 
GUI.  It worked fine in Idle; but all I got from Geany was a terminal 
window telling me the exit code was 0.  Using the ancient dicotomy of 
system vs. applcation programing, wouldn't it be fair to say all 
application programs are GUI?


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