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On Mon, 3 Sep 2018 at 08:24, Andrew Kennedy via Users
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> Autosave
> Any situation that causes Geany to stop unexpectedly can cause unsaved files to be lost, that includes logout, shutdown, crash etc.
> Had a question about this.
>  Do those situation only apply if those events occur while Geany is open?

If Geany is not closed properly (for example for the reasons you
outlined above, or a very unlikely :) crash of Geany) then changes in
the buffers in memory will be lost, but the files on disk should be
ok.  You would be fairly unlucky if a save was in progress when Geany
shutdown leaving the disk file damaged.

The save actions plugin has some functions that allow intermittent
saving or saving of backups if you have a flakey system or habitually
forget to save before closing Geany.

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