[Geany-Users] running cmd from build

rhkramer at gmail.com rhkramer at xxxxx
Thu May 24 12:03:38 UTC 2018

On Wednesday, May 23, 2018 06:34:19 PM Joe McCarron via Users wrote:
>  So, finally got it to work.  Changed my shebang from  #!/usr/bin python to
>   #!/usr/bin/python (without space) I was still getting an error for the
> working directory so i moved %d/%f into the command then it worked.Thanks
> for your help.

I'm sorry, I'm drawing a blank (and google [linux bash %d] and man bash aren't 
helping) (probably a senior moment / minute / ??).  What do %d and %f mean?

(And, for extra credit, is a space ever valid in a shebang?)

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