[Geany-Users] running cmd from build

Joe McCarron joemccarr at xxxxx
Tue May 22 15:22:13 UTC 2018

Hello folks,I am using Linux mint with Geany 1.27

I get this error when running a command from Build->Set Build Commands/tmp/geany_run_script_KH9HJZ.sh: 7: /tmp/geany_run_script_KH9HJZ.sh: /home/joe/pythonbuild.py: Permission denied
when i run from the command line it works. Here is what I put on the command line.python pythonbuild.py dev/Arduino/sample/sample.ino 

The set Build Command in Geany is:   /home/joe/pythonbuild.py  
I get the erro above when this is exectuted from Geany
It looks like Geany runs a script from the tmp directory to run my py script.
I just switched from windows to linux so that could be part of my problem.

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