[Geany-Users] DebuggingSharedLibrary

Geoff Kaniuk geoff at xxxxx
Mon Jun 18 22:04:27 UTC 2018


I have been debugging C++ code with gdb in Geany via the Geany Terminal 
Tab. I am now trying the Debugger Plugin and can debug stand alone 
applications with a static library.

I am now trying an application with a shared library and am having 
problems setting environment variables (the GUI is misbehaving).

Invoking gdb from the command line, I am used to including command line 
options to specify the location of source directories, and the 
documentation in  http://geanydbg.sourceforge.net/walkthrough.htm does 
not mention this.

I appreciate that this is all a bit vague, but I thought that perhaps 
these issues have already been discussed in the archives.

If so, it would help if I could be given a hint as to where to start. 
http:://news.gmane.org/gmane.editors.geany.general yields page not 
found. Otherwise I can supply details and screenshots if need be.

My system is Debian 9, Mate 1.16.2, AMD 64 bit
geany 1.29, geany-plugin-debugger 1.29

Many thanks for any help,


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