[Geany-Users] [RFC]: Does anyone use the Devhelp plugin?

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Sat Jan 20 01:30:34 UTC 2018


I'm the author of the Devhelp plugin which allows viewing documentation 
in Devhelp format right within Geany as well as opening manpages.

It relies on a library version that is not supported anymore (older 
libdevhelp), as well as it uses an outdated version of the WebKit 
library for GTK+. It needs a fair bit of updating to bring it to using 
supported libraries and supporting GTK+ 3. As I don't personally use 
this plugin anymore, I wanted to see if there are others who do, or who 
might be interested in becoming the maintainer (and updating the code).

If nobody's using the plugin and nobody's interested in maintaining it, 
perhaps we should remove it from the Geany-Plugins project.

Please tell me what you think. I'll wait a month or two at least, and if 
I don't hear anyone saying they use it, I will likely make a pull 
request to remove it from the Geany-Plugins project. If anyone is using 
it, it might give me motivation to update it instead of removing it.

Matthew Brush

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