[Geany-Users] Shortcut key to open dialog to edit shortcut keys? Mac Os

Samuel Loy sams.silly.stuff at xxxxx
Wed Aug 8 13:01:14 UTC 2018

Thank you Colomban!

Didn't even think to right click on the toolbar, but that's what I need.

I tried alt+ combinations early on, but I really can't see the menu except
for the very right of it. Also any of the alt combinations seem to result
in different characters being typed, with shift+alt+p resulting in PI being
typed instead of the keyboard dialogue.

Being screenless or partially screenless is something I've experienced in
Windows and Linux, but never Mac, so this is new. Thank you!

On Wed, Aug 8, 2018, 7:50 AM Colomban Wendling <lists.ban at herbesfolles.org>

> Hey,
> Le 08/08/2018 à 14:19, Samuel Loy a écrit :
> > […]
> >
> > If there was a way to bring up the shortcut key editor by keyboard alone
> > that would be great!
> Shift+Alt+p
> If that doesn't work, you should also be able to right-click on the
> toolbar and select "toolbar preferences", which will popup the
> preference dialog which also has the keybinding preferences in another tab.
> Finally, doesn't MacOS have a way to open menus by mnemonics?  On Linux
> and Windows, you could also do Alt+e (opening the Edit menu) followed by
> either browsing the menu with the arrow keys or using the mnemonic for
> the entry ("s" in that case)
> Regards,
> Colomban
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