[Geany-Users] SnippetsKeybindings

Geoff Kaniuk geoff at xxxxx
Sat Apr 28 16:05:12 UTC 2018

Hello Geany List,

I am trying to create a shortcut key to insert an in-line block. 
Ideally what I would like is to type Ctrl+KEY which then produces { | }. 
Searching through the Keybindings documentation in the Geany manual, I 
found that KEY=4 works, but no other alpha key works.

I have made the following additions to my snippets.conf:

brace_inline={ %cursor% }



The <Ctrl>4 binding works.
The <Ctrl>8 binding works
The bi_TAB snippet works.

It took quite a bit of experimenting and searching to discover the 
Ctrl+4 solution.  I really would like to get this under my belt as key 
binding in snippets is a really very useful feature.  My questions are:

Is there somewhere an index of which keys have been allocated?

Which keys I can use in [keybindings]

Many thanks for any hints as to where I should be looking.


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