[Geany-Users] need help building Geany Plugins

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Sun Apr 22 21:26:13 UTC 2018

Le 21/04/2018 à 15:47, Kevin Klein a écrit :
> On Tue, 17 Apr 2018 18:46:13, Colomban Wendling wrote:
>> The Geany include paths are suspicious, they should start with
>> "/user/kklein/geany/1.33/", not "//".  There's likely something fishy
>> with your installation; how did you configure it?
> Here is the sequence of steps I originally followed to build Geany
> (taken from here: https://wiki.geany.org/howtos/relocatable_build):
> $ ./configure --enable-binreloc --prefix=/
> $ make
> $ make install DESTDIR=/user/kklein/geany/1.33
> My intention was only to install Geany to a non-default directory and I
> thought those were the steps to follow.

Those steps are good if you want to build Geany so that you can move the
installed files around (like the whole "1.33" directory); but it leads
to the complications you've seen: wherever we need an absolute path it
has to be dynamically looked up, which is not something the build tools
know how to do.  Maybe we could use "../../" as the prefix in the .pc
files, but I'm really not sure this works (one would have to check the
pkgconfig format spec).

Alternatively, you can manually amend the paths in the pkgconfig file,
or build with --prefix=/user/kklein/geany/1.33 --enable-binreloc, which
should work the same.

> I did a clean build/install of Geany using the following:
> setenv PATH /user/kklein/lib/intltool/0.50.2/bin:$PATH
> .configure --prefix=/user/kklein/geany/1.33
> make
> make install
> I then built and installed the plugins using the following:
> setenv PKG_CONFIG_PATH /user/kklein/geany/1.33/lib/pkgconfig
> setenv PATH /user/kklein/lib/intltool/0.50.2/bin:$PATH
> ./configure --prefix=/user/kklein/geany/1.33
> make
> make install
> And everything worked.  Thanks for the help.

Perfect!  I'm glad.


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