[Geany-Users] configuration for JSON and LaTeX

Francisco Vico fjvico at xxxxx
Mon Apr 9 18:23:48 UTC 2018

Hi there,

After some hours dealing with the information
<https://wiki.geany.org/howtos/configurebuildmenu> on how to configure the
Build menu, and checking out several examples in GitHub, I did not succeed.

Hope you can help me with this, cause it's the last step to make our IDE,
with Geany-inside, work properly. This is what I need:

The IDE is to process JSON and LaTeX files, and Geany is to validate
correctness, and show an error report in the message window.

With the current configuration Geany will automatically detect these
filetypes and applies the customized highlighting. From this point, it is
intended that Shift-F9 obtains the report by launching the right local
program 'check_json' and 'check_latex', and filtering the result with a
concrete regular expression.

What is the [build-menu] section to have these scripts and REs in the right
place when the IDE is run, such that the user just has to open the file,
press Shift-F9 and get the report?

Thanks in advance.
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