[Geany-Users] glibc relocation error when trying to run relocatable build

Kevin Klein kklein1 at xxxxx
Fri Apr 6 00:40:19 UTC 2018

I want to run Geany on a system running Redhat Enterprise Server 6.7.  Many
of the dependent libraries are out of date, so I built the executable from
the same shared directory while logged in to another machine running RHES
7.3 using the “Relocatable GNU/Linux Build” instructions found on this page:


I also copied all required libraries using the script listed at the bottom
of the page.  When I try to run Geany on the RHES 6.7 machine, I receive
the following error:

geany: relocation error: /user/kklein/geany/1.33/bin/../lib/libc.so.6:
symbol _dl_starting_up, version GLIBC_PRIVATE not defined in file
with link time reference

What do I need to do to make my relocatable build use the correct version
of glibc?  Do I just need to install a newer version of glib on the RHES
6.7 machine?


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