[Geany-Users] Hilight current line while searching

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Fri Apr 6 00:10:59 UTC 2018

I'm not sure I understand your question, but...
You want to highlight the "current line" - where the "cursor" is (that 
you call "the needle")?  Is that correct?
In Geany themes, the cursor is called the caret (even though

In the geany theme, the "current_line" property controls *if* AND what 
color is used for background.
Notice in the Himbeere.conf theme, he uses "current_line=;#000;true"
He's setting only the 2nd argument (using ;#000;true), but since the 
current line color is near or = the normal background color, the 
currently selected line color doesn't show up.

Conversely, on a light background theme (assume white), if you use 
"current_line=;#DCFEDC;true" that gives a pale green background for 
currently selected line.

I see now that the BG color (2nd argument) used in marker_line, gets 
replaced w/ the "current_line" color, once the mouse cursor moves over 
Geany's main display.
So if you want the current line to be colored, choose a current_line 
color that contrasts just enough to see against the theme's normal 
background, but not so dark that it obscures some text colors.

Another thing - if you / anyone has trouble finding the super thin 
cursor, it can be made "bold" - which makes it several times wider than 
default size.
caret=#09A709;#000;true;false makes a dark green, wide cursor that 
covers most of a normal sized letter or number.
Some may not like the cursor that doesn't "fit between" 2 letters. But 
w/ a fat cursor (that's easy to find), the next character you type is 
placed before the character that the fat cursor highlights. Some 
programs call that a "block" style cursor & the other thin line is just 
the thinnest line that can be drawn and still visible to the naked human 
eye . :D

On 04/05/2018 02:06 AM, Jérôme Andanson via Users wrote:
> Hi All
> I use Geany 1.32 on linux mint, i want to found a way to highlight the
> line where the needle is found while using searching tools.
> It seem's the highlighting is only applied when editor have focus, and
> in this case, focus is on the search window.
> Maybe having another indicator like an arrow near line number will be
> useful.
> Thanks
> Jérôme
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