[Geany-Users] problems with certain colors in Black Scheme (black.conf)

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Wed Apr 4 03:37:54 UTC 2018

On 4 April 2018 at 12:40,  <bendov at gmx.com> wrote:
> Using geany 1.27 in Mint 18.1
> I tried out the black.conf theme to reduce screen brightness
> (https://github.com/codebrainz/geany-themes/tree/master/colorschemes). I see
> the updated "*delt-dark.conf*" theme also has several of the same issues
> I've described below. Which is, in Geany - maybe all editors, using dark
> background schemes, certain highlighting, searching, "go to line" colors
> don't allow good contrast between code text colors & the highlight or
> "found" colors.
> Generally, the search or highlight colors work OK except a few. Where in a
> light theme, the problems don't exist.
> I'm not sure if these instructions are still 100% correct for >= v1.27, or
> if I'm missing something.
> At least 2 problems are the color of the marked line, when use Search > In
> Document, then click a found instance in the message pane (the lower panel).
> In a light theme, I tried several colors that all worked well for this &
> didn't totally obscure certain colored text.
> In the black theme, I haven't found any color for this, that doesn't obscure
> / mostly obscure text that's close to the (background; hilight??) color,
> where in light themes, it's not a problem.
> I believe black theme's author originally used
> marker_line=#ff208c;#80d4b2;false;false  --> where #80d4b2 is a dark, minty
> green.
> 1) 1st, why does the color - highlighting the entire line show at all, when
> *both* arguments are false?

The two boolean values are bold and italic, so both being false simply
means it shows normal text.

> 2) "marker_line" instructions say, the foreground color (1st argument) are
> only used for "show marker margins" - in View menu. Ok. Alluding the 2nd
> argument is the highlighted line color.
> The SECOND color is the one I can't find any color (in a black background
> theme), nor any "marker_translucency" setting that WON'T obscure one or more
> syntax colors.
> If I choose the lightest yellow #fffffe, white syntax is "visible" but not
> readable.
> When I click a found instance in the message pane, that's when the
> highlighted line(s) are partly obscured.
> But using Search > Mark, the background color is translucent enough to read
> either light or dark text colors.
> It seems VERY hard w/ black themes, to find a color for Search > "mark",
> that shows well for *both* light & dark text (in a black BG theme).
> Translucency doesn't seem to work for marker_line - using menu - View > go

There are existing issues and incomplete fixes for issues with
translucency, #916, #917 and #1490, so I think we can call it a "known

> to line, or click a found line # in the message pane. That's when any color
> used will obscure some text & make others hard to read.  Isn't the idea for
> dark backgrounds better visibility (& less glare)?
> 3) "current_line=" highlighting doesn't seem to work well on black
> backgrounds.  Choosing the lightest shade of any color only allows the most
> highly contrasting text to show.  In dark themes, it seems almost impossible
> to choose a color that contrasts w/ light & dark text, allowing both to show
> through.
> But in *light* background themes (& other text editors) highlighting the
> current line works well on light AND dark text. Because the highlight color
> (say, bright yellow) in light colored themes is translucent enough to let
> very pale text colors show through.  Why won't it work in Geany on black
> background themes?
> In Geany, using black themes, current_line highlight (pale or bold colors)
> doesn't seem to be a highlight; rather a very solid, almost foreground color
> that only highest contrasting text is readable.

Note that Themes are contributed, only default and alt themes are part
of Geany.

That means that a theme is something somebody likes, and it is not
endorsed or tested by the Geany project itself.

Since it someones personal preference, the fact that somebody else
dislikes it is pretty normal. :)

Geany allows you to vary any of the settings through the whole colour
gamut of your monitor, thats all we can do, its up to theme makers to
choose colours that work and don't clash.  There are, as noted above,
issues with translucency which are being worked on (but may have
dropped off the bottom of the contributors priority lists).

> Thanks.
>> # Editor styles
>> #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> #marker_line= Style for a highlighted line (e.g using Goto line or goto
>> symbol). The foreground color (1st argument) only used for "Markers margin"
>> - when enabled (View menu). ONLY the 1st & 2nd arguments are interpreted.
>> #marker_search= style for a marked search results (when using "Mark" in
>> Search dialogs). The 2nd argument sets background color for the drawn
>> rectangle.  ONLY 2nd argument is interpreted.
>> #Example: marker_search=0x000000;0xb8f4b8;false;false
>> #marker_mark= color for a marked line, using Ctrl+M. 1st color is only
>> used when "Markers Margin" is enabled_View menu (then 1st color used for
>> margin symbol).  Only the first and second arguments are interpreted.
>> #Example: marker_mark=0x000000;0xb8f4b8;false;false
>> #marker_translucency= For marker_line (1st argument) and marker_search
>> (2nd argument). Values > 0, <= 256 accepted. Note for Windows 95, 98 and ME:
>> keep this value at 256 to disable translucency, else Geany may crash. Only
>> the first and second arguments are interpreted.
>> #Example: marker_translucency=256;256;false;false
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