[Geany-Users] Possible unintentional behavior when stripping trailing spaces and tabs

Little Girl littlergirl at xxxxx
Sun Sep 3 18:05:44 UTC 2017

Hey there,

I was looking through the preferences for Geany today and decided to
try this one since I occasionally have an unwanted space or tab at
the end of a line:

Edit --> Preferences --> Files --> Saving files --> Strip trailing
spaces and tabs

I turned it on and it works great on lines with a trailing space or
tab, but I noticed a behavior I consider unwanted and I'm wondering
if this is by design or if it's something that ought to get fixed:

If you put your cursor on a blank line and tab over three times and
save the file, Geany strips those three tabs out even though they're
leading tabs (they're not trailing after anything).

For the purposes I have for that option, Geany saving me from the
trailing spaces or tabs I occasionally litter a file with wouldn't be
worth the many times that Geany would prevent the cursor from being
in exactly the spot I want it in (three tabs over or whatever) on
save, so I'm going to turn that off again for now.

What I'd like is for Geany to only strip trailing spaces or tabs from
lines that also contain something other than tabs or spaces. Is there
any chance that that's what was intended and that it just needs
fixing or is it behaving as intended?

Little Girl

There is no spoon.

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