[Geany-Users] Hiding lines in current file

Maurice maurice at xxxxx
Sun Feb 12 17:52:49 UTC 2017

I have only recently discovered Geany on the SystemRescueCD as a means of 
making changes to system files during a 'rescue' mission, and rather like the 
look of it.

The first use I contemplated was as follows:

  Given a configuration file (refind.conf) containing many lines of 
information - all as 'commented' lines (beginning with the character "#") but- 
with some selected entries that have been uncommented, how can I persuade 
geany to show ONLY the uncommented lines?

[My first look at that config file showed all the commented lines in red.
   So - in effect - I want all red lines to be hidden from view - with a way 
of unhiding them when required].

I have  suspicion (and hope) that geany can do this...

Many thanks!
/\/\aurice Batey   (Retired in Hampshire, UK) 
           Using Linux Mageia-5 and helping check out Mageia-6 candidate

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