[Geany-Users] # user definable keywords

JVP jvp at TubeJoiners.com
Mon Sep 19 03:06:16 UTC 2016

  Hi All

Using FreeBasic with Geany 1.27 and having difficulty getting the 
user1=myspecialword to work.
I have copied the filetypes.freebasic to ~/.config/geany/filedefs and 
edited it there.

 From my reading on the FreeBasic forum I saw that the colouring of 
user1 is controlled by word3.
The filetypes.freebasic suggest editing colours in the colorscheme .conf 
There wasn't a file there, but copying alt.conf there made no change at all.

If I add my word to the [keywords] then it gets high lighted, but I want 
separate colours for
the user1 keywords.

Can someone please suggest what the problem is.

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