[Geany-Users] Java debugging in Geany

Matthew Brush mbrush at codebrainz.ca
Mon Oct 10 22:42:06 UTC 2016

On 2016-10-10 01:27 PM, dave boland wrote:
> I set up Geany on Ubuntu - nice!  It uses javac to compile java programs
> (not ghcc) and works very well.  I have the debugger installed and the
> debug window works.  However, I need some help in actually being able to
> debug a java program.  So some questions:
> 1. Do I need to define any changes to the compile menu?  If so, what?
> 2. I have used debuggers in other languages, but they all have debug
> menus in the ide (Watch, Step, Step-Over, etc).  Any instructions on
> using the debugger?

The "Scope" plugin has a toolbar and probably menu items with such actions.

> It occurs to me that this question has been asked before, so someone may
> have written something that would be helpful.  If so, feel free to send
> me a link.

Assuming you're referring to any of the (3) debugger plugins in 
Geany-Plugins, they're all front-ends for the GNU Debugger (gdb) and so 
you would require to compile the code with GCJ[0]. That said, I'm not 
sure any of the debugger plugins have been tested to debug Java. If you 
get it working, it would be useful for others if you posted instructions 
on the wiki[1].

Matthew Brush

[0]: https://gcc.gnu.org/java/gdb.html
[1]: http://wiki.geany.org/

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