[Geany-Users] Sidebar Symbols Highlights Won't Go Away

Lee Gold leegold at xxxxx
Sat Jun 4 02:08:09 UTC 2016


Using 1.27 with Xubuntu 14.04. I have additional color schemes and using
the Ubuntu color scheme. I'm looking at  a css file and I have Geany's
sidebar open. and the sidebar is set to look at "Symbols". Let's say
under Classes in the sidebar I click .button (a button class in CSS), So
the line in the css file describing that class now has line
highlighting. But if I edit normally and go down a few lines the .button
line becomes still  highlighted with now a bright yellow and nothing
will remove that bright yellow highlight except opening and closing
Geany. I could click another css class in the sidebar and "transfer"
that yellow highlight to another line but but I haven't found a way to
bail-out of this highlighting mode and return to normal editing. Is
there a way?



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