[Geany-Users] Geany custom tags problems!

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Tue Aug 23 20:54:00 UTC 2016


Le 23/08/2016 à 22:33, Rue Sixteen a écrit :
> […]
> As can be seen filetype txt is accepted, txt.txt.tags is loaded. However
> it seems to be loaded for file type (txt) where as my text files come up
> as txt (UTF-8).

That's alright, the filetype is still "txt", the part "(UTF-8)" is the
character encoding used to load the file.

> Needless to say my tags from autocompletion don't show
> up. However when I tried to set the file type to php manually and saved
> the tag file as php.php.tags it worked. The same with setting manual
> type of "txt" and loading txt.txt.tags does not work!

Interesting.  You're hitting a subtle limitation that we should probably
handle better: we cannot use tags if they are not associated with a tag
parser (which is different from a filetype).

To work around this, you can set the `tag_parser` key in the
`[settings]` section of your custom filetype to the name of another
filetype that already has a tag parser.  This way, your tags will have a
proper "language" set on them and will be usable.  I suggest to use a
tag parser that you don't otherwise use and doesn't have other tags yet,
so you won't get unexpected completions.  I can suggest Ferite, Tcl,
COBOL, etc. -- anything you don't use and that have a tag parser.


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