[Geany-Users] setting compile-build command for Allegro

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Mon Aug 8 23:15:01 UTC 2016

Le 09/08/2016 à 00:53, Amir Teymuri a écrit :
> […] How can i set this as compile command in geany,

Build->Set build commands.  There are per-filetype commands, and to set
the ones for a specific filetype you need to access this dialog with a
file of the appropriate type open.

See https://www.geany.org/manual/#set-build-commands

> and is there a way not having to switch between this and a normal
> compile command automatically when working on an Allegro and some
> other/Non-Allegro files?

I would recommend you to use a build system of some sort (Make,
Automake, CMake, Ninja or whatever else).

Alternatively, you can set build comments per Geany project, so you
could make a project file for your allegro-using program, and change its
own build commands instead of the global ones.


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