[Geany-Users] Error line highlight, asm-like compiler?

samurov.vitali at saunalahti.fi samurov.vitali at xxxxx
Sat May 2 22:01:27 UTC 2015


an assembler-like compiler produces such error:

...mkl2mkp-0.30.exe -i timelapse_ctrl.mkl
MKP file  timelapse_ctrl.mkl
timelapse_ctrl.mkl: 64: Error E011 The value of symbolic reference is not defined: SPLASH_
First page:  0
Length (pages):  2

But Geany catches just a status:

...\mkl2mkp-0.30.exe -i "timelapse_ctrl.mkl"
 (in directory: C:\Temp)
Compilation failed.

Is it possible to do something?



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