[Geany-Users] problems with autocomplete

lmx lmx1 at xxxxx
Sun Mar 29 21:05:52 UTC 2015

On 29/03/15 19:56, Matthew Brush wrote:
> On 15-03-28 08:39 PM, lmx wrote:
>> Hi Geany lovers,
>> I have a very annoying bug in geany...its has to do with autocompletion.
>> I have a dark theme.
>> When autocompletion activate to show me the list of options, the box is
>> to small, I cant see all options, and i can't even see more than 10chars
>> per option, this is a problem, the box dosn't scale automatically, and
>> in some struct members you can't see them, you don't know who is who, if
>> they have similar names... :S,
> I've noticed similar weird scaling issues, especially if you start 
> with a smallish font size set, and then zoom in a lot, the 
> autocomplete doesn't resize, but for me it's only the vertical 
> auto-complete item height that fails to match the font size, like this:
> http://i.imgur.com/phX0PdN.png
> Not sure if that's the same thing as you have.

I am using debian amd64, with mate desktop.my window  manager is the 
standard MARCO based on methacity from gnome2..
I have even a diferent situation :S

I am using the previous release of Geany 1.23.1, and not the last one, I 
don't know if changed something about this?

with normal size of text:

with scalled size of text:

like you see i have no issues with the scalled image...apart from do not 
get all in the screen cuz is too big lol

With normal text, auto-complete should find the size of the biggest 
element or something and scalle acordingly imho...

My theme is vibrant colours, or ink colours...is something that I found 
, and it turns out to be more visible with my eyes :)

>> The colors of the box is white :S, not the same color has the backgroud
>> of IDE, or the theme used...
> That part is controllable by themes, although there's some bug 
> somewhere that colors can get stuck even if you change themes. For 
> example if you activate the Retro theme (which is one of few that 
> changes theme dramatically of autocomplete box), and then change to 
> another theme, it gets stuck on the Retro one and never resets.

if there is some directive to auto-complete foreground and background it 
would be nice, or the Autocomplete box, could get the foreground and 
background colours of the theme ;)

well, with this I already discovered that with scalling editor, I should 
be able to see the several items, its not ideal, but better than nothing :)

thanks to Mathew and Lex :)


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