[Geany-Users] Latest version of geany problems

James Brierley jmb8710 at xxxxx
Tue Jul 14 10:50:07 UTC 2015

On 14/07/15 09:42, Thomas Martitz wrote:
> Plugins also need to be compiled against GTK3. You have to pass
> --enable-gtk3 in the same way.

Sorry about this, I had some old Ubuntu-packaged version of Geany 
installed and Geany was trying to load its plugins instead of my own 

Removed the cruft, recompiled and everything is fine. However, 
--enable-gtk3 doesn’t seem to work on the geany-plugins git. But the 
autogen’d build scripts do pick up on the fact that they are building 
for the installed instance of Geany, which is better. :)

>> A big thank you to everyone who contributed to this release. Geany
>> goes from strength to strength, and in 20 years’ I look forward to
>> telling people “I was using Geany before it was cool.”
> It's been always cool :>

I didn’t mean to imply otherwise :) Unfortunately, Tom Cruise, John 
Travolta and the other celebrity members serve to broaden the appeal of 
the sinister sci-fi cult that is the Church of Emacs, or at least I 
think that’s what I heard...


James Brierley

The key to solving the world’s problems is the
realisation that we cannot eat freedom.

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