[Geany-Users] RFC: New Custom Filetypes Repository

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Sun Dec 20 02:11:45 UTC 2015

Hi all,

We often get contributions for adding custom filetypes to Geany, and we 
even have some in the source tree already. We tend to not want to add 
them to Geany repo, usually due to limited functionality, or limited 

I would like to propose that we add a new repository to Github, similar 
to geany-themes, where we add any custom filetypes that are useful, but 
perhaps aren't up to par or popular enough to add to Geany proper. This 
would give a single place to get them all at once (via Git or Github Zip 
file download), and also a repo for packagers to use should they want to 
provide a package.

Inside the repo we could have the README or some other file cataloging 
all the filetypes, along with who contributed them, their status, like 
whether tag parsing works, syntax lexing, and such meta info. As a 
start, we could add all of the filetypes from the Wiki[0], any useful 
ones from pull requests, and even any questionable ones already in Geany 
(if there are any). We could also add some shell script or something to 
install them into a user's home dir all at once, if that's useful.

What do you think?

Matthew Brush

[0]: http://wiki.geany.org/config/start

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