[Geany-Users] Highlight matching brackets

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Fri Dec 18 17:20:06 UTC 2015


Le 18/12/2015 15:00, Daiyue Weng a écrit :
> Hi, I am wondering how to emphasis the matching brackets (make them look
> more stand out), since under default, it is a bit hard to see the
> matching bracket when placing caret near one of the matching brackets.

Colors for the good/bad matching braces is defined by the color scheme's
`brace_good` and `brace_bad`.  You then could alter the theme to set
e.g. a background color that stands out for `brace_good`.

If you're using the default theme, you can open `filetypes.common`
(through Tools->Configuration files), and alter the `brace_good` setting
under `[named_styles]` (beware, there's also one of that name under
`[styling]`, but don't touch that!), and e.g. setting it to something
like this:


the second value is the background color, that I here changed to a light
green out of my hat.


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