[Geany-Users] Looking to contribute

Ray Andrews rayandrews at xxxxx
Sun Dec 13 23:47:17 UTC 2015

On 12/13/2015 02:45 PM, Lex Trotman wrote:
> Scintilla is a project maintained by one person in their own time. 

Just one guy?  I subscribed to their list, and there seemed to be 
several people involved.

> Like all open source projects, he will accept well written additions 
> or changes contributed by others, but he is unable to perform 
> significant maintenance on all the contributed lexers by himself, due 
> to time and the detailed knowledge of the language needed. He is 
> usually good about stating that he won't be able to work on it 
> himself. For contributed lexers the individual maintainers may help if 
> they have time and knowledge of what is to be changed (and this was 
> the problem with the zsh changes, nobody could define them), although 
> some of the maintainers have also disappeared and no longer 
> contribute. So for changes to Scintilla, yes it is usually necessary 
> to do it yourself, and if its done well it is probably likely to be 
> accepted, despite Neils occasionally voiced concerns about long term 
> maintainability and utility of all those lexers. Cheers Lex 

Well, if I knew where to start I'd certainly be willing.  As I said to 
them, a 99% accuracy should be easy even if there is some obscure 
exception and 100% should be achievable with work.  One of the people on 
their list said he might look into it over the holidays, and that's 
where it lies at the moment.

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