[Geany-Users] geany changing permissions on files when it saves them. -- SOLVED!!

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Sun Aug 30 06:33:50 UTC 2015

On 15-08-29 11:26 PM, David Lee Crites wrote:
> Matthew:
> 1) The file system is EXT4, so that wasn't the issue. Good thought, though.
> 2) It was the "no" that did it!
> The value of "gio_unsafe_save_backup=no" is what made the difference. Since the
> default was "true," I expected the opposite to be "false." Guess that was my bad...

I was just looking at the "Various" preferences GUI, I meant to use 
yes/no/true/false consistently. In the config file it should be 'true' 
or 'false' for boolean settings. I guess if you put 'no' it will fail to 
parse it and use 'false', but if you use the GUI it will always put the 
right value in the config file.

Matthew Brush

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