[Geany-Users] Syntax highlight, C-like

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Mon Apr 13 14:00:17 UTC 2015

On 13 April 2015 at 21:32, Péter <e2qb2a44f at prolan-power.hu> wrote:
> Lex Trotman:
>>> Is there only 2 groups of keywords? In C-like files. [] primary,
>>> secondary
>> There are more, but they are used for passing semantic information
>> like list of typenames from tags files and parsed open sources, so
>> they can't be defined manually.
> So, in filetypes.common, only 2 "keyword*=" color-definition can be used?
> (Which two?) (What are the others for?)

Remember whats in common is usually a superset of all languages.

For C AFAICT primary is the list in filetypes.c, secondary is the list
in filetypes.c (normally empty) and the symbols defined in the global
tags files loaded, doccomment is doccomments and keyword 3 is symbols
parsed from the current file.  The lexer seems to have two more which
we don't use, one is called ppdefinitions, so maybe it sets values or
definitions for pp symbols using that, and one called marker list?

You could look at scintilla/lexcpp.cxx to see what it does with them,
but I doubt they will be freely available.  BTW scintilla is a
separate project, we just use it and its not overdocumented hence the
limited local knowledge.


> keyword=0x00007f;;true;false
> keyword_1=keyword
> keyword_2=0x991111;;true;false
> keyword_3=keyword_1
> keyword_4=keyword_1
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