[Geany-Users] Help: python output console closing immedialtly

John Yeung gallium.arsenide at xxxxx
Thu Apr 2 22:05:21 UTC 2015

I think I mostly understand the symptoms you're describing now.  I don't
know why they are happening, though. :(

I don't use Geany very often, and my installation is pretty old, I think.
But when I execute a Python script in Geany using F5, my cmd.exe window
actually contains all the output, whether it's "normal" output (from print
statements) or error output (exception tracebacks), so I get a chance to
read everything before I press the key to close cmd.exe.  I don't get a
separate python.exe window at all.

When you have an error and your python.exe window goes away very quickly,
that's just like what happens if you double-click the script in the Windows
graphical environment.

I don't know how to fix your problem, but until someone more knowledgeable
than I am can give you an answer, I at least can suggest a workaround:
Open a command window manually (not from Geany), and run your Python script
from there.

John Y.
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