[Geany-Users] Environment variables

Egbert egbert at xxxxx
Fri Jan 31 21:04:30 UTC 2014

Colomban Wendling schreef op 31-1-2014 21:39:
> Hi,
> Le 31/01/2014 20:55, Egbert a écrit :
>> I'm trying to use Geany 1.23 for cross compiling for ARM (Gnublin board)
>> on a Kubuntu 13.10 laptop. I've installed the crosscompiler toolchain
I should have said Xubuntu, but that does not make any diference.
>> but the compiler (arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc) lives in a very odd place with
>> a very long pathname. I've added this path to the PATH variable in
>> .bashrc. When executed In a terminal window the cross compiler works
>> fine. When entering the name of the compiler in the Geany build
>> settings, it does not work. Path unknown error.
>> After searching internet, the only working solution I found seems to be
>> to add the PATH extension in /etc/profile and indeed this works. Must I
>> put it In the system wide config? Is that really the one and only
>> option? Why is .profile of .bashrc in the home directory not evaluated?
> You should put it in your .profile, not in the system one; and then
> close and reopen your session.
That is perhaps the only thing I didn't try... I thought .profle just
sources .bashrc when it was available.
I'll try that rightaway.
>> I think it's kind of weird. Or am I wrong?
> No it's not weird actually.  If you launch an application from your
> menus, it inherits your session's environment (unless explicitly
> overwritten, but that's another story).  .bashrc is only read by bash,
> where .profile is supposed to be read by any login mean -- including
> your session.
> So, what you put in .bashrc will only affect interactive bash shells
> (e.g. the one run when you open a terminal window), whereas what you put
> in .profile will affect any login mean (including the session).
> In any case however, you need to re log-in, so for a graphical session
> like KDE you need to close the session and reopen it.
> But if .profile don't affect KDE session, I can't really help, it would
> mean KDE behaves strangely -- moreover if it properly read /etc/profile.
as said: my fault, I use Xfce desktop. Thanks for the advice!
> BTW, if you run Geany from your terminal window, it will inherit your
> modified PATH as seen by bash, so like you wanted it.
 can confirm this. I juest don't want a terminal sitting aroud doing
nothing. I want to start from the menu.
> Regards,
> Colomban
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