[Geany-Users] Is anyone running Geany on OSX?

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Thu Jan 30 03:32:45 UTC 2014

On 14-01-29 04:49 PM, Russell Dickenson wrote:
> Although I spend most of my time on Linux, I also spend some time on
> OSX (Mavericks). Does anyone have Geany running on OSX with a native
> appearance (as much as possible)?
> I have read information about running Geany on OSX but it seems there
> are several methods and people have had differing experiences.

I'm a Geany developer and avid Geany user on Linux and I use SublimeText 
on MacOS, if that tells you anything :)

Actually, it's not that bad the way I wrote on the wiki[1] and should be 
usable to some extent, or using X11 ontop of OSX with the macports or 
fink or whatever packages which would be surely more stable, but that's 
about as non-native as you can get (feels like it's running in a VM and 
has 0 integration into the environment).

I did hack on this for some time a while back to try improve the 
experience of Geany on OSX and came to the conclusion that it's wasn't 
worth the/my time or effort given the current (then) state of GTK+ on 
OSX, which basically is what makes or breaks whether Geany is 
usable/native-ish. Also I rarely code on OSX, mostly just basic text 
editing, so my needs are minimal and motivation low :)

Of course we welcome you to share your experiences/learnings on the wiki 
and/or provide code/build-system/packaging patches to improve the 
situation, if you're so inclined.

Matthew Brush

[1]: You probably read it already, but: 

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