[Geany-Users] Highlight C function names?

Nate Bargmann n0nb at xxxxx
Sat Jan 11 02:21:57 UTC 2014

As I use Geany for C work, one enhancement to the syntax highlighting
would be to have C function names highlighted.  This would be any
symbol, other than a C language keyword such as do, if, else, while,
etc. that often have an open parenthesis following them and are already

For example, main() would have the word "main" highlighted but not the
paratheses.  Or, foo(bar(a, (b * x))) would have the words "foo" and "bar"
highlighted, and the parentheses, operators, and arguments would be in
the current colors.

Perhaps this is a limitation of the Scintilla editor?

This would really help when dealing with source that uses libraries such
as Gtk+ with many long function names on line after line.


- Nate


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