[Geany-Users] compile error caused by __unused__

Freddi Schiller freddi34 at xxxxx
Sat Feb 22 16:12:44 UTC 2014

I was trying to compile geany (https://github.com/b4n/geany/tree/wip/gtk3-support), but I get errors like this:

  CC       tm_file_entry.o
tm_file_entry.c:35:66: error: expected ‘;’, ‘,’ or ‘)’ before ‘user_data’
 void tm_file_entry_print(TMFileEntry *entry, gpointer __unused__ user_data

It continues compilation when I remove "__unused__", but the error happens again and again (probably hundreds of times). Are there special compiler parameters necessary? Why does it not just work with "make"?
I was also wondering if I caught the correct source code, since it seems to be missing commits for over a year.

I used: Ubuntu 14.04, GNU Make 3.81
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