[Geany-Users] Jump to start/end of visual line

sende.mir.post at gmx.de sende.mir.post at xxxxx
Tue Dec 23 16:53:27 UTC 2014

Just found out that <Alt> + <End> and <Alt> + <Home> do what I want.

However, I want to swap those key bindings with <End> and <Home>.

There is an option to swap <Alt> + <End> with <End>, but there is no key binding for <Alt> + <Home> in my configuration dialog. There's only <Home>. :(

@Developers: Could you add <Alt> + <Home>, so I can re-bind it?

And unfortunately, in German translation the name of the key bindings <Alt> + <End> and <End> is exactly the same, though these are two different options.


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> Betreff: [Geany-Users] Jump to start/end of visual line
> Hello,
> There is one thing that has botheres me about Geany for quite some time:
> How can I make Geany jump to the start/end of a VISUAL line?
> Lets say I have a very long line of text. I'll enable the visual line break feature, so I can still see the entire text on the screen, though make it break into multiple visual lines. Now, I'd like to hit [Home] or [End] to jump to the beginning/end of the CURRENT visual line. However, Geany will make the cursor jump to the start/end of the actual line (not the visible one).
> Is there anything I can to about that, in terms of configuration?
> Kind regards
> Bernd
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