[Geany-Users] Command chaining

Francois Tonneau francois.tonneau at xxxxx
Fri Dec 5 01:18:49 UTC 2014


I have a minor technical question about custom build-menu commands and the
context-action command for a specific file type.

I have noticed that build-menu commands accept command chaining such

command_1 && command_2 && command_3

whereas chaining does not seem to work when specifying a context-action
command. The only workaround I found in the latter case was to call the shell
with the -c string option:

sh -c 'command_1 && command_2 && command_3'

which effectively converts the chain of commands into a single one.

I hope this makes sense -- or am I missing something about Geany?

Thanks for your feedback,
Francois Tonneau

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