[Geany-Users] JSON formatter in Geany

alta88[nntp] alta88 at xxxxx
Sat Aug 23 15:50:32 UTC 2014

Hi all,

First, thanks for a terrific editor.

Is there a way to pretty format json files?  Right now such files are 1 
wrapped line, pretty impossible to inspect meaningfully.  It would 
just[*] be a matter of slapping some \n after a , and indenting based on 
brace/bracket match level.  I think.

As for colorization, the wiki on json has been duly noted, but it 
doesn't really help much as the string key isn't differentiated from the 
string value in the key/value pair.  Perhaps a json key could be a 
string followed by a : as a new definition.  This isn't as important as 
wrapping anyway.

Amazingly, there is really a dearth of linux editors that (I've found) 
is able to format json.  (Web based is out, eclipse with a plugin can do 
it but that's no way to go for casual file inspection, command line 
isn't it either).


* ;D

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