[Geany-Users] Page-down at start

Péter peter20 at xxxxx
Mon Aug 4 12:28:11 UTC 2014

I would like to start editing files from the terminal window, and when Geany opens it, I would like 
to use the PageDown key and/or "Find next" and Ctrl-V (paste clipboard).

When I issue "geany xxxxfile.c" (Geany already running), Geany shows the file, so far is OK.
(But there is no visible cursor yet.)

PageDown does not work.. Nothing happens.

"Find next" works, the found text is selected, but Ctrl-V does not work. (The selection is not 

"Down arrow" key makes the cursor appearing in the search bar.. (not in the editor window).

"Right arrow" key (among other keys) makes the cursor appearing in the editor window. (And from now, 
the PageDown and PageUp key and Ctrl-V are working too.)


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