[Geany-Users] Find, regex, spans lines

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Fri Aug 1 12:45:28 UTC 2014

Le 01/08/2014 03:00, Lex Trotman a écrit :
> On 1 August 2014 04:27, Colomban Wendling <lists.ban at herbesfolles.org> wrote:
>> [...]
>> For technical reasons, and because although I started some work for
>> line-based RE support, I didn't finish it (yet).
>> If you're interested in the technical reason, it's quite simple: we use
>> a multiline-capable regex engine and we pass it a pointer to the whole
>> buffer instead of feeding it line-by line -- hence allowing it to
>> perform multi-line matches.
> And thats the right thing to do IM(NS)HO.

Not really, but it's for sure a useful feature, yet it can be annoying
at times.

To be clear, I never wanted to remove multi-line regex support, just add
an option for single-line ones.


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