[Geany-Users] Auto-close plugin crash

Pavel Roschin roshin at xxxxx
Sat Apr 12 11:03:41 UTC 2014

As recently discused in IRC Auto-close plugin was the first who use
plugin_signal_connect to connect signal to Scintilla editor widget. What
plugin writers need to know - you shouldn't do this in that way:)

I tested it on new version of GLib and it doesn't crash at exit but reports
many messages like this:
> (geany:28381): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: gsignal.c:2580: instance '0x2dc1940'
> has no handler with id '3442'
This is definitely Auto-close issue but I afraid to fix this just before
release because I don't really understand how Geany objects and their signals

It may crash on very old GLib (2.22) at exit.

AFAIK Colomban Wendling prepaered a patch for Geany core but it will be
avaiable only after release.

Best regards,
Pavel Roschin aka RPG

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