[Geany-Users] sharing snippets between two file types

Sean Noble sean.noble.72 at xxxxx
Thu Sep 12 07:18:14 UTC 2013

Hi Geany Users,

I am looking for a way to share the same snippets in two file types A
and B. Ideally allowing each file type to have shared and unique
snippets, but just sharing the same ones would be OK too.

In snippets.conf I have a list of [HTML] file snippets. I would like
to use those snippets in [PHP] files as well.

I could just copy the snippets from [HTML] to [PHP] but that seems
redundant, and means having to add new snippets in two places. I could
also put all the snippets under [Default], and that would work pretty
well, but then all the snippets would be available in all file types.

I was wondering if there is a trick like [HTML, PHP] as a shared
header (that appears not to work). Maybe something I can set in
filtypes.html or filetypes.php to treat them as the same file type?

Thanks for any help!


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