[Geany-Users] Suggestion re documentation.

Richard Hardwick rch at xxxxx
Tue Sep 10 18:25:02 UTC 2013

I have a tiny suggestion re documentation.

I think it would be helpful for newcomers (like me)
if the Geany documentation could include
a table of keyboard shortcuts
with entries arranged by alph order of keys;
something like this:

     F1          Help
     F2          Switch to editor
       etc         ...

     Alt-Down    Scroll down by one line
     Alt-End     Go to End of Display Line
       etc        ...

     Ctrl--       Zoom out
       etc         ...
     Ctrl-Z       Undo

I've just made such a table for myself (85 lines)
by cut-and-paste from

I immediately found some very useful shortcuts

Maybe such a table exists somewhere already?
In which case, my apologies.
	Richard H

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