[Geany-Users] Auto-close plugin for brackets

M Tian mwtian at xxxxx
Wed May 15 12:32:12 UTC 2013

Pavel <roshin at ...> writes:

> Hello!
> I made new plugin that includes almost all possible features concerned
> with brackets and quotes auto-closing. I just finished it and maybe you
> want to test it. If it is useful and good enoough I will make pull
> request.
> Previously I made a patch for geany, but decided to put all code
> together inside one small plugin.
> Here is it:
> https://github.com/scriptum/geany-plugins/tree/master/autoclose

Thanks Pavel. The auto completion of curly brackets and the "improved auto 
indentation" features are useful for me. I often write short (~100 lines) 
C++/Java programs in Geany, and the default auto completion feature does not 
work for my usage (e.g. nested curly brackets).

There is one suggestion. Right now, after hitting enter in-between curly 
brackets -> "{|}", the new cursor position seems a bit off. In line 241 of 
the source code, why is it this way?

sci_set_current_position(sci, pos + 2 + start_indent / indent_width, TRUE);

Why not shift to the position where typing normally starts?

sci_set_current_position(sci, pos + 1 + start_indent + indent_width, TRUE);

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