[Geany-Users] problem using geany.find in lua plugin

pauriem at gmail.com pauriem at xxxxx
Sat Mar 23 01:51:28 UTC 2013

I installed geany and geanylua plugin for my ubuntu 12.04 64 bit
system from the repository, version seems to be 0.22
most scripts I write work fine but if I try to use geany.find
function, geany crashes
for instance, just the single line script

x, y= geany.find ("ab",1,4,{"matchcase"})

is a crash on a file with many lines of text in utf-8 encoding,
regardless of whether "ab" is present in the specified range
just wondering if this is a problem with how I am using the function,
I would appreciate some examples of scripts that use find that work on
geany 0.22


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