[Geany-Users] [Geany-Plugins] Please consider adding GTK3 support for your plugin(s)

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Mon Mar 18 16:45:06 UTC 2013

Le 18/03/2013 17:25, Nate Bargmann a écrit :
> While it's likely that distros will want to drop support for GTK 2 as
> soon as they can, there seems to be some issue on the part of GNOME
> independent GTK apps regarding GTK3:
> http://igurublog.wordpress.com/2012/11/05/gnome-et-al-rotting-in-threes/
> and:
> http://www.linuxuser.co.uk/opinion/a-linux-conspiracy-theory
> Perhaps the most telling statement is:
> Beyond just GNOME apps and tools being stripped of options, Red Hat
> employee and lead GNOME developer William Jon McCann was caught opening
> a bug report on the independent Transmission BitTorrent client telling
> the developers that its panel notification feature should be removed.
> Why? Merely because GNOME 3 no longer supports a panel: “Transmission
> has an option in the Desktop tab of the preferences to ‘Show
> Transmission icon in the notification area’. This should probably be
> removed.” Transmission developer Charles replied, “So now we can have
> three builds of Transmission that decide at compile time whether to use
> AppIndicator, GtkStatusIcon or nothing at all… Removing it altogether,
> as you suggest, will hurt Xfce users.” McCann replied, “I guess you have
> to decide if you are a GNOME app, an Ubuntu app, or an Xfce app
> unfortunately… And I have no idea what Xfce is or does, sorry. It is my
> hope that you are a GNOME app.” Charles’s reply to this: “*speechless*”.

*sight*.  I didn't read your links yet but if a GNOME developer can say
"you need to choose between GNOME and something else" and "I have no
idea what Xfce uses or does" GNOME is leading in an even worse direction
than I though…

> I like Geany since it is light and works seamlessly with XFCE.  Will the
> Geany be forced to choose between GNOME and everyone else by moving to
> GTK3?

But don't worry, we are not a GNOME application and won't remove stuff
just because some crazy GNOME guy think that don't fit.  Adding support
for GTK3 in Geany is not to become GNOME, but simply to keep up to date
with current version of our platform library (GTK), and so not to get
rushed in a few years when GTK2 will start to die.

We will still support GTK2 for a long time (see, currently we only
depend on GTK 2.16).
We won't follow the crazy removal of everything that is happening more
and more in GNOME3.

>  Please investigate this carefully.

I don't see what we would have to investigate: the toolkit we use got a
new major version and we added support to it, that's it.  GNOME don't
have anything to tell us about, and in the even they do, we'll just tell
them it's not their business.

Using GTK3 (or GNOME) doesn't make one sign a "we will follow your way
of thinking" agreement.

Colomban (happy gnome-panel 3 user for now)

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