[Geany-Users] Sluggish (slow; transiently non-responsive) Geany? - SOLVED?

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Wed Jul 24 07:59:13 UTC 2013


I then launched Geany from a terminal prompt ($ geany), re-enabled the
> 'Spell Check' plugin [with each of the four options selected -- as before
> -- EXCEPT that I now unchecked/de-deselected the 'Print misspelled words
> and suggestions in the messages window' option], and ran my paste and save
> steps in the large text file that I've been working on.
> Run from the terminal, Geany displayed the same error messages (gtk; gtk
> tree model; enchant; ...)

So cleaning up your local dictionary didn't get rid of the enchant errors,
so maybe the problem is in the underlying spell checker dictionary.
 Enchant is a front end for several of the standard spell checkers, do you
know which it is using, eg ispell, aspell, or something else?

> in the terminal as provided earlier in this thread, but Geany itself
> appeared to worked fine: quick and immediately responsive (given that I was
> rapidly pasting in large chunks of output from a PostgreSQL/psql session
> running in gnome-terminal)!

Ok, enabling the 'Print misspelled words and suggestions in the messages
window' causes 100% cpu usage for a while, and very slow during that
period.  You should also have a progress bar in the right of the status bar.

The GTK treeview widgets (which is what the messages window is) are a known
performance problem when adding a lot of lines, ie the spelling
suggestions.  Not sure what we could do about that.

But pasting text does not cause it to re-spell check for me, its only slow
when manually triggered.

> Ditto, when Geany was launched via its icon (in the Ubuntu Unity panel!
> So, this issue may be resolved: practically, if not technically!  :-)
> Thanks again to all, for your help/suggestions!  Victoria :-)
>  ------------
> 1. Remove blank lines from your dictionary file.
2. De-deselect the 'Print misspelled words and suggestions in the messages
> window' option in the 'Spell Check' plugin.

Yes for big files.


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